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Juci NdFeB Magnetic MaterialsEngineering Technology Research Center, that is, the scientific researchbuilding, has a total construction area of 5271 square meters and a total of 6floors. It started construction and laid the foundation in May 2019 and isexpected to be completed in October 2020.


Under the leadership of the company's high-level team, Juci NdFeBMagnetic Materials Engineering Technology Research Center is a professionalR&D institution responsible for production and operation technical support,new product development, technical management, test management, processmanagement and tooling management, to assist The company achieves its businessstrategic goals and mid- and long-term development plans, formulates andimplements the company’s overall R&D strategy and annual R&Dplan, establishes and improves the R&D product management system andorganizational structure, and builds an efficient production R&D team forthe next large-scale production Lay the foundation; at the same time, it alsoundertakes the technical support and consulting work of the company'stechnology development strategy, new product development, old producttransformation, technology management, etc., to fully meet the developmentneeds of the enterprise. The final completion of the center will help achievethe company's strategic goals.